Why we tone

Who needs a toner?

Everyone with skin 😊 would benefit.

Our epidermis (skin) is the largest human organ and our first line of defense. No joke... it absorbs everything.

Our skin is slightly acidic & has an acid mantle. This protective barrier grows naturally on the outermost layer of the epidermis (stratum corneum) & protects us from bacteria, viruses, environmental stressors & other potential contaminants that could cause damage or harm.

We use cleansers that are alkaline in nature to remove oil, dirt & debris.

Toners have come a long way since the strong scented, harsh stinging astringents of the past. Today's toners cleanse more deeply & help the skin quickly regain the natural pH levels & balance, re-establishing its protective state.

When our skin is cleansed & hydrated it allows the active ingredients in high-potency serums, gels, eye treatments & moisturizers to be absorbed & transported more deeply into the skin for optimum benefits.

Both of our toners use a proprietary HIGH-POTENCY ROSE CONCENTRATE as their base which is made from triple-filtered & extracted organic roses for an extra potent, vitamin-packed and antioxidant-rich botanical. This concentrate is specifically formulated to match the skin’s chemistry & pH and helps create an overall balanced & radiant skin tone.

Our concentrated strengthening toner also contains:

Burdock Root which contains antioxidants that can inhibit enzymes that cause wrinkles & excess pigmentation, has been used to assist skin conditions as psoriasis & eczema.

Vitamin C this powerful highly concentrated antioxidant liposome fights premature aging, reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles strengthens & tones

Shiitake & Reishi mushrooms which prevent cell breakdown, lightly exfoliates, reduces puffiness & kojic acid, which brightens the skin, & assists with Hyperpigmentation & Rosacea.

Our concentrated clarifying toner also contains:

White Willow Bark Salicin (which is 15% standardized to give you the same optimal results every time). White Willow Bark helps to fight acne, reduces the appearance of blemishing, purifies & exfoliates the skin.

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