Start 2020 Fresh!

Clean, Fresh Skin = Happy Skin


With all the wonderful New Year’s Goals, let’s include self-care, a 100% clean skincare beauty regimen. Start this year right. 


1st Step: Cleanse 

Choose a cleanser which allows you to remove dirt, debris or make-up. Our skin makes a lightly acidic secretion for protection. The most effective way to cleanse the skin is to use an alkaline foaming system (soap) to remove the excess oils, dirt & germs.


Cleanse the skin with our sensitive cleansing bar.  This French-milled soap is ideal for all skin types. This cleansing bar will create a luxurious lather that foams & gently removes impurities without stripping your skin of moisture.


2nd Step: Tone 

Tone the skin to re-balance the pH. Our skin is slightly acidic, and averages a healthy pH level  from 4.5 - 6.5 (a pH of 5.5 is ideal for most). We use our triple-filtered high potency botanic rose concentrate as our base for our two toners: concentrated strengthening toner & concentrated clarifying toner. Both treat & prepare the skin for active ingredients & boosters to perform at their best.


Our concentrated strengthening toner is created for skin types that require extra hydration, rejuvenation & strengthens skin cells with shiitake mushrooms.


Our concentrated clarifying toner is created especially for oily or acne-prone skin types to purify pores, reduce redness & swelling with tea tree & our botanically derived salicylic acid from white willow bark.


3rd Step: Moisturize

Applying moisturizer assists in maintaining the skin’s hydration & moisture balance.  We offer two moisturizers, the nourishing day cream for dry to combo skin, and the balancing day lotion for oily to combo skin.


Our nourishing day cream is a luxurious age-defying cream that  keeps the skin hydrated, brightened & smooth. This adds much-needed firmness with our vitamin C & vegan collagen peptides.


Our balancing day lotion is a lightweight hydrator that creates a harmonious balance for ultimate oil-control. Our key ingredients are salicylic acid (botanically derived from white willow bark), and moth bean which acts similarly to vitamin A (retinol). These ingredients keep your skin calm & promotes long-term clarity. 


A cleansed, hydrated & moistened skin is a wonderful way to begin a BALANCED NEW YEAR!

Wishing you all the best & a healthy & balanced New Year! 




Know your beauty!

Denise Johnson

Master Esthetician

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