How to Give Yourself an At Home Spa-Like Facial


Here is my favorite way to get that “spa glow” at home. I use two Suki products, the Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser followed by the Resurfacing Enzyme Peel. This method is an excellent way to refresh and renew your skin, and can be done one to two times a week. Here’s how.


First we are going to clear the skin of any dead skin cells, which form a barrier that keeps products from penetrating the skin. The Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser (EFC) is a very satisfying facial scrub that, when you add water, has a light foaming action to clean and polish the skin. If your skin is very sensitive, mix the EFC with the Purifying Foaming Cleanser or the Cleansing Oil, for a more gentle experience. One of my favorite things about the EFC is that it contains Colloidal Oats which effectively calm irritated, itchy skin. 


Now that we have polished and prepared the skin, we will use the Resurfacing Enzyme Peel to continue exfoliating the skin. The peel will sink down into the pores and dissolve any dead skin cells that we missed with the scrub. This peel is gentle enough for sensitive skin, and has several different types of exfoliating acids such as natural glycolic and salicylic, and fruit enzymes which work in different ways to melt dead skin cells and clear the pores. This method is more effective than using just one type of acid, and more gentle.


Your skin should now have that “spa glow”. Make sure to protect all the new skin cells revealed by the peel by adding a few drops of the Nourishing Facial Oil (for normal to dry skin) or the Balancing Facial Oil (for normal to oily skin). The finishing touch is the moisturizer of choice, Nourishing Day Cream (normal-dry skin) or Balancing Day Lotion (normal-oily skin) both of which are excellent for night-time use as well.


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