Let's Talk Menopause

Lets talk Menopause!

by Tiffany Kurtz, VP of Suki Skincare

Hello! My name is Tiffany and I’m the Brand VP for Suki! What better way to get to know each other than talking about a topic you probably don’t even discuss with your closest friends – Menopause! I’m not talking about the doom and gloom menopause we’ve all grown up hearing and fearing; No! I want to start a new conversation about menopause.  A new ERA in our lives where we embrace and own this exciting new chapter. An ERA full of possibility, adventure and positive changes. Finally, we are coming to a place where we are more comfortable in our own skin and have a sense of confidence we haven’t experienced before!   

It’s time for us to take control and flip the script on all things menopause.  Join me and the entire Suki team in taking the conversation of Menopause from taboo to trending (from fearful to fearless, from gloom to glamour, from dreaded life stage to you center stage)! Why? Because we all go through it and it’s a natural stage of life and because the truth is, it’s not the end; it's just the beginning; it’s a new ERA in our lives. We are adventurous, powerful, curious and in a place where we have the opportunity to enhance or expand our horizons!

This renewed time in our lives; children leaving the nest; unless you’re like me and waited to start a family later in life; they’re not off to college but they are finally out of diapers!  It’s a liberating time, bringing with it a renewed sense of confidence, acceptance; and an opportunity to finally put ourselves first on our list of priorities and explore all the possibilities life has to offer!

Menopause is not a battle or a problem, but a natural life stage. Yes, you will experience symptoms that may make you ask yourself & the doctor is there something seriously wrong with me; only to find out it’s menopause or perimenopause. Yes, you feel tired, yes your hot flash feels inhuman, the mention of sex makes you feel as if someone has asked you to find the cure for world peace and cancer all in one; impossible.  Your skin looks dull, you notice your face isn’t quite as perky as it once was, the lines are deeper and no amount of moisturizer is hydrating your menopausal face! But, remember, these are symptoms, it’s happening to you not something that defines you!

As we travel down this path of perimenopause and menopause together, Suki is here to admire, encourage, and applaud you during this exciting new ERA! Our job is to ensure your skin keeps up with your spirit, body and your new lease on life because we truly believe THE BEST IS NEXT TO COME!

I think it only fitting that I share with you our new collection called Suki ERA launching May 3rd  formulated to be the best menopausal skincare products, while be clean, natural and effective.   Developed to address the unmet needs of women aged 45+ experiencing perimenopause/menopause.  Some of you reading this blog may have been a part of our in-use study where 91% saw an overall improvement in their skin (including skin hydration, skin elasticity, fine lines wrinkles, brightness, and texture).  This launch was a labor of love; selfishly I wanted to ensure the new products were not only clean but effective! At this skin cycle sometimes it's harder to see  results but we succeeded! Check out the before and after images of women in our 6 week study.  There are 3 menopausal products in the collection:  1. Reviving Face Cream 2. Facial Oil  3. Reviving Cooling Spray (coming soon)  all designed to help your skin keep up with you during this new ERA of your life! I encourage you to keep us posted on your journey and to keep the menopause conversation going, and remember… The Best Is Truly  Next To Come!


VP Of Suki!

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