I really don’t know where to start - I have suffered for 35 years (I’m 57, but look younger thanks to you) with extremely oily, sensitive (super), clogged skin. after trying many lines - Clinique, Arden, Natura Bisse, Darphin, Chanel – I settled on Clarins for maybe 20 years (also tried derm scripts). in 2006 I had twins, moved & saw your trial kit…I remember going outside & feeling “free” – my face felt so much less tight … I have found the proper balance of your line & voila – amazing results – bumps, blackheads, lumps, scarring, hydration, pore size, beauty has all transformed. really I can’t believe my eyes! friends have told me “your skin looks clear”, “you look like your old self”! I like that a lot! cannot thank you enough, love… - J.G.

  I had eczema for as long as I can remember. the older I became the worse my eczema got. my arms & hands were covered in red rashes & scabs. it was extremely painful. I was having a difficult time sleeping & working. eventually, my hands & arms were bleeding daily. not itching was impossible. I tried every otc lotion & cream I could find, & nothing touched it. I continued to live with the pain. one day a friend saw my eczema & suggested that I try suki. after researching Suki's products online, I was intrigued. the company's philosophy & all natural approach seemed to be the answer I was looking for. I received several products & started a twice a day ritual. I began with the exfoliate foaming cleanser, followed by the concentrated clarifying toner & ending with ultra-protect body balm. the results were nothing less than amazing! I immediately saw & felt a difference. after my first use I had significant relief from the itch. after 2-3 days the redness & swelling were noticeably diminished. after the first couple of weeks my eczema was barely noticeable. nothing I had ever tried before even came close to the results I received from Suki's products. if you suffer from any skin problems, you owe it to yourself to try the suki product line. it's pure, natural & kick ass strong! suki changed my life!  - J.M. 

  my daughter had heart surgery at 3 weeks old & was left with a really nasty scar down the center of her little chest (she's 4 now) & I’ve used your oil on it twice a day now for about 3 months. it's flattening out & it's white & she loves the smell. thank you for making such a great product that doesn't pillage my bank account, that is safe for use on my kiddo & lastly makes my 30 something year old skin look like that of an 8th grader! I love you!  - L.M.

  I received terrible scarring on my face & body from a fire. nothing has ever made my skin feel perfect until trying your product! this is the only brand I buy now. it's almost as though my skin gets to experience heaven. keep up the production of such greatness! deeply grateful. - S.M. 

  I adore these products!… I never expected results like this & was blown away. my skin was WAY less red, even, all my blemishes had subsided, & my skin was soft & glowing. my regimen for night: purifying foaming cleanserconcentrated clarifying toner & tinted active moisturizer…day: exfoliate foaming cleanserconcentrated clarifying tonerbalancing facial oil & alternating transformative purifying mask & resurfacing enzyme peel. they are extremely gentle on my very sensitive skin. I've never found something as effective & gentle as these products - I will be a lifelong fan.  - B.L.

  suki has actually transformed my skin! I was concerned I had some allergy, or just irrevocably sensitive skin. I tried suki products & my skin literally changed overnight. they’re the best products for sensitive skin that I’ve ever tried, & I’ll never use anything else. (I also am a sucker for good design & I love their brand & packaging!)  - L.B.

  I adore suki! the company’s philosophy is brilliant & the products are genuine. I can honestly say that suki has changed my life. I have never been so confident about my skin. I currently use the balancing line of suki products, & I absolutely love them. suki has not only cleared up my skin, but the products have made my skin bright & radiant. the results are miraculous!... go suki!  - M.G.

  I used suki products for a time with great results. I stepped away from the line for a while, experimented with some other all-natural regimes, & also with some well known, high-end products, & my skin rebelled… monthly breakouts, itchy, flaking skin, & very active oil production became the norm. after only one week back on suki, all is back to normal! I even started using this balancing oil on my 2 year old’s red, bumpy skin around her nose. & you guessed it…gone! safe enough for my baby, & strong enough for me! go suki!  - K.H.

  I discovered suki when they first came to my local store & I fell in love with the line. then changed like many do because you go looking try other things. WHAT was I thinking??? the balancing lotion is fantastic & I have now been using it for months & my skin looks better than with anything else I have ever used. & no more irritation like other products I've used!  - M.M.

  …at 55…my skin is soft & supple… I work outside in the Florida Keys & it is hot & humid & my face stays non-greasy which has led to less to no breakouts. first product I have tried that is perfect for my skin type & where I live!!! customer for life!!  - J.H.

  Suki, you are amazing! cleared my skin up entirely in just two days! the smell & texture is amazing & I love the packaging of the product too. a great line & a great brand! I am telling all my friends about suki & this wonderful exfoliate foaming cleanser!  - F.D.

  the exfoliate foaming cleanser is hands down the best skin care product I've ever owned!!!! it's now a staple in my collection of favorite things!  - S.B.

  this amazing product, the radical results youth serum, has done more for my skin in a few months than all the "high-end" serums that I have used for years. my skin is soft & overall more refined & glowing than I ever thought possible at 53. I am new to the suki line but as I pick up more & more products I continue to be thrilled with the new face that I am seeing. I can't say enough about what this line has done for my skin. thank you! - C.B.

  I mix your acne serum with my balancing day lotion in the morning & it keeps spots at bay - Suki you make products that transform difficult skin & thus transform lives, this may sound extreme but when your skin is bad you lack confidence & energy, clear skin means being able to face the day as the best you, please never stop making this line! - G.H.

  I'm 51, thin, fair skin & outside a lot. I started the suki line & love it. I have noticed my brow crease lines almost disappear, my chin is firm again & my upper lip seems fuller. my face feels amazing! I use it morning & night: first the concentrated strengthening toner, then mix…one drop radical results youth serum with one pump of facial lift ultimate firming serum, then gently rub in all over until absorbed…I am so happy I tried suki! - R.T.

  I had been using this product for a couple of years, & then couldn't find it in the store. after being forced to user lesser products, my skin became dull & troubled on occasion. my husband encouraged me to try to find suki products online, & after just one day my skin already looks & feels a couple of years younger. thanks so much, Suki!  - B.N.

  I just started using suki - not three months ago, not three weeks ago, not three years ago - three days ago & I see such an amazing transformation in my neck & my face! I purchased the CARE minikit & I am blown away!… I’ve used almost every expensive skincare line known to man … & believe me when I tell you nothing worked like your products!!!!! your face oil is magnificent, your exfoliate cleanser is amazing, your radical results youth serum blew me out of the park! my décolleté & neck look outrageous - I can't say enough! I am shocked, stunned & amazed! I have been using Sisley, which I bought in Bloomingdale's, neck cream & eye cream, total $398! I would like to throw it in the garbage & now I'm definitely never going to use it again! I am a suki fan to the end.  - C.P.R.

  suki is THE BEST SKINCARE LINE in the world. I have dry eczema & I couldn't find anything to help heal my skin. but when I found suki, & changed my diet, my skin started to heal. I saw a change in my skin right away! I have been using suki for 8 years… MY FAVORITE SKINCARE LINE!!!  - M.V.

  I love everything about suki skincare, which is 100% all natural. I adore the exfoliate foaming cleanserday creamlip balm & the nifty bamboo gift set for friends. the "trial kit" is the perfect travel size too! clearly one of the best & cleanest skincare lines on the market & thankfully it's available right here in Austin, TX! hallelujah!- P.V.

  after a lifetime of truly troubled skin, a friend mentioned suki skincare & I have been a happy clear skin sukifan for nearly 3 years! since then, my friends & family have become suki fans also & have seen their skin clear up. but, my DREAM came true last week when someone actually COMPLIMENTED the clarity & GLOW of my skin! unbelievable! after a lifetime of embarrassing cystic acne I get a compliment on my skin! amazing! luckily I had a suki catalog nearby & was able to show him the skincare products - psssst my favorite is exfoliate foaming cleanser - a must-have! thanks again Suki! - C.M.K.

  suki is a perfect match for my skin. the exfoliate foaming cleanserclarifying tonerbalancing facial oil & tinted facial moisturizer are staples for my face. I am going to be 34 in a few months & everyone thinks I am a college student in my early twenties haha! the all glass packaging is reusable & does not break easily. I am also a huge advocate for the body balm as the best substance you can ever put on fresh & healing tattoos (the arnica & lavender oil alleviate the swelling while the cocoa butter keeps it protected & moisturized). this line is 100% worth every penny & 100% healthier for you than anything you will buy at a drugstore or commercial beauty counter. order something or a bunch of things, you will not be disappointed!  - C.W.

  absolutely loving this line. seems as if it's working, literally, overnight (though it has been 3 nights now I swear I woke up with better skin on day 2). smells fantastic, packaging is lovely & I just feel happier with my skincare routine now. - A.L.

  I have psoriasis, & it's been flaring on my ears lately. I would typically use topical steroids to stop the flare, but I wanted to heal it organically. I've been putting the balancing oil on it, & it's clearing up!…it calms the inflammation & itching, as well as gets rid of the redness & the flaking, peeling skin, which is amazing! just wanted to let you know!  - N.D.

  I always thought I needed chemicals & preservatives in my skincare products to get great results. when I was diagnosed with leukemia in 2006, I decided to get chemicals out of every aspect of my life. it was a gradual transition into purifying my home for my husband, my kids, & myself. I love the suki line; all of her products smell good, feel good, & do good. I get compliments on my skin, even from the professionals, like makeup artists & derm doc's, & I even got complimented from a plastic surgeon. not too shabby! thanks Suki! - J.R.

  the renewal bio-resurfacing facial peel is my favorite product. the vitamins that I take caused an extensive clogging of my pores, & I'm sure it didn't help that I was using more than the recommended 2 drops of nourishing facial oil. I purchased the peel on a whim, & it turned out to be a lifesaver! after exfoliating, I apply the peel, & I could literally feel it working as it warmed up & tingled on my skin. within a week, my face was much less congested, my pores were smaller, & my skin felt incredibly smooth. I stopped overdosing on nourishing oil, as well. it's been about a month, & I continue to see improvement! pores that were once clogged have stayed clear, my skin is still soft to the touch, & I'm noticing that my scarring is fading, too!  - N.D.

  the suki skincare line has COMPLETELY transformed my skin. I went from hating my skin to absolutely loving it - all thanks to your products!  - G.H.

  the results have been dramatic for me: I no longer wear foundation ever, or primer / powder, etc., only a tiny bit of concealer. my skin is supple, nourished & balanced. fine lines & minor discoloration are completely gone! I’m in my mid-40’s & I have a healthy glow & firmness that I haven't had since my 20's! …note I’ve been a product junkie for the past 25 years. I've tried everything there is, including: costly treatments, Botox, filler, weekly microdermabrasion, micro-current, harsh chemical peels, etc. although I did see results from all of that - none compare to results I've seen with suki. I now feel that my skin is finally nourished, after having been malnourished & abused for so long. I compare it to the difference between taking a diet pill to lose weight, vs. eating healthy, natural food & exercising. both will achieve desired results, but one is sustainable, good for you & will deliver a BETTER result - a result that is leaps & bounds ahead of the other. a suki fan for life!  - C.B.J.

  I suffer from rosacea & after trying out various skin care products ranging from Clinique to Decléor & Origins I was close to giving up because none of products really helped me, & some made the problem worse. my skin got extremely sensitive & would turn red from a light touch. then I finally found one that actually works… suki! you have an amazing product! now, with your products my skin is more comfortable, it looks better & it feels better! thanks suki!  - I.M.

  I have been using suki for three days now, only three, & I love it so much that I had to let you & the whole FB community know. there are two areas of rosacea on my face that I have never been able to heal & they are completely gone! you have an amazing product & I want to thank you for sharing it with the world! thanks suki!! XOXO  - M.F.B.

  I started having terrible acne when I was about 12 years old. I was "that girl" with the pizza-pock-mark face. of course as I entered my teen years, covering the acne with the thickest makeup Revlon made seemed like the natural thing to do. after a round of Accutane & both skin sanding & chemical peels - at the age of 16 I was finally on my way to the skin I had always dreamed of... until I…moved to Phoenix, AZ where my skin chemistry changed instantly, reacting to the extreme desert climate. a friend referred me to suki.. & I haven't missed a day since! I trust my skin care to suki alone! 10 years later & I still have the freshly "peeled" skin of the 16 year old. I recommend suki to anyone & everyone... suki will change the way you think about skin care, it will change your life! - C.J.C.

  I'm a 28 year old male & have had constant problems with my face breaking out in the past, especially after shaving. when I say I tried everything, I really mean it - from name brand chemical-based products to other "natural" & organic ones. yet I still had problems…& a lot less money to boot. by accident, I stumbled across the suki line & thought I'd give it a shot because of the great reviews. I've been using my suki products for about 2 months now & I can't tell you how much of a difference they've made! my skin looks great (rarely a breakout) & I feel a lot better about myself. knowing I'm supporting such a great company that actually cares about people & the environment helps tremendously. thank you! I'm spreading the word - you have a customer for life!  - D.L.

  I wanted to share this story with you - it shows how much of an impact you've had on people’s lives. my partner was diagnosed with testicular cancer two years ago. he has to use a testosterone gel every day. since his diagnosis & his use of the gel two things became obvious: he wanted to clear up his hormonal breakouts, while using a product that is truly CLEAN…along came suki! obviously we found your line & were so happy it was clean & carcinogen & toxin free! what we didn't expect was how effective & active it would be! he now uses the mask, balancing toner, purifying serumbalancing facial oileye balm & facial peel. he loves it, I love it, & his hormonal break outs are a thing of the past. now we are a truly clean household, & better yet he is now cancer free! THANK YOU SUKI! XOXO  - J.P.

  I LOVE your products! I have wasted soooo much money on facial products that don't work or irritate my sensitive skin. thank you Suki for going above & beyond, & you have inspired me to get into the field of aesthetics! your products are out of this world & have had a huge impact on how I feel…. thank you!  - L.B.M.

  I found out about your products from Essence & OMG!!! these are the best products ever! I started used your products while I was diagnosed with PCOS. the stuff my dermatologist gave me would break me out badly. I went to a trunk show in NY & I’ve been in love ever since! you now have a customer for life!  - S.S.

  thank you so much for everything you do!…this line has changed my life & skin. nothing in the organic skincare world even comes close to your products or knowledge. I have struggled with acne & sensitive skin ever since I can remember & your products treat both of these conditions at the same time…I just wish I had found your products sooner! I recommend your line to everyone I know. it is so sad we live in a world where toxins rule the mainstream & people are finding no relief, that’s why your motto “know your beauty” is so perfect, because it is so true!! I can’t live without the balancing oil…it is so light, breathable & perfect. I never thought I would look forward to a skincare routine, but now it is the favorite part of my day! aloha & mahalo!  - S.L.

  balancing facial oil4-swipe formula lip care is one of my basic must-haves!!! I probably have 4 tubes in the house as we speak. it IS different. it is the only thing I use…I have been dealing with just horrible chapped lips for forever basically. lately it’s been really bad…my lips have healed more in 24 hours than I could even imagine!  - L.L.

  I started using the balancing day lotion about 5 years ago after trying EVERYTHING else under the sun for some really terrible & frustrating hormonal acne I developed in my late 20’s, mixed with the balancing day oil as recommended on the suki website. after trying so many other products I was skeptical of the simplicity of using just the two products in the morning & only the oil at night. I’m beyond glad I stuck with it because after about a month my breakouts were significantly diminished & friends started to ask what I was using because there was such a difference…today I still swear by both & have no acne to speak of!  - J.R.