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our environmental policy



suki® is the first skin care solution with visible results proven through consumer clinical trials.
we create effective treatments for even the most sensitive skin types
all of our products are pregnant women, nursing moms & baby friendly
we source fair trade, organic, biodynamic & local whenever possible, always considering fuel emissions & travel distances.
all of our ingredients are cruelty-free. we never test on animals & ensure that every one of our suppliers also adheres to our core philosophy of do no harm.
many of our products are vegan. the only animal product we use is 100% natural beeswax, which is bought from farms that do not harm bees or burn hives.
our original formulas are created by Suki, made, poured, labeled & shipped from our facility in western massachusetts to ensure fresh products.
there is virtually no carbon output from our processing.
  packing & shipping
we use as little plastic as possible, which is a chemical agent. we primarily use glass, which also preserves & maintains herbal content.
we buy only organic cornstarch peanuts & use unbleached newsprint papers.
our printers & suppliers support environmental initiatives including forest stewardship council’s certification & wind powered energy.
our inks are clean, biodegradable & vegetable based.