Natural Skin Care: Are Natural Ingredients Better for Your Skin?

These days, natural skincare products and beauty products are becoming more and more popular in the beauty industry. But folks who are already used to a particular brand of skincare cleanser or moisturizer might wonder: are natural ingredients actually better for your skin? Let’s dive deep into this question and explain what benefits natural ingredients can bring to your skincare routine. 

What Is a “Natural” Ingredient?

First things first: let’s define what is and isn’t a natural ingredient.

A skincare ingredient that’s gentle or hypoallergenic isn’t necessarily natural. Instead, natural only refers to the origination or manufacturing process for that ingredient.

As an example, green tea extract taken from green tea leaves without the addition of synthetic chemicals is a “natural” ingredient you can find in a wide variety of skincare products. However, synthetic ingredients, like artificial fragrances, are created entirely in a lab and don’t count as natural.

People have been using natural ingredients in skincare products for literally thousands of years. In fact, the first skincare and hair care products were composed entirely of natural ingredients and essential oils since ancient peoples didn’t have the technology to use anything else. Only with industrialization did synthetic ingredients take over and become the dominant type of ingredient used in all manner of products, not just skincare stuff.

Why Are People Interested in Natural Ingredients?

These days, there’s a renewed interest in natural ingredients from skincare product manufacturers like Suki Skincare. There are a few reasons for this sudden surge in support:

  • Natural ingredients are better for the environment by and large, although the details differ depending on the manufacturer. This is because natural and organic ingredients often don’t require as much energy to create or extract compared to their synthetic counterparts
  • Furthermore, natural ingredients are inherently non-polluting compared to synthetic ingredients or at least pollute to a much lesser degree. This makes sense when you think about it; natural ingredients are already a part of the environment and will always naturally decompose or be absorbed after being used. The same is true if you use them in a skincare product. On the other hand, synthetic chemicals might last for too long or otherwise contaminate the environment because of preservatives included in their formulae
  • Natural ingredients are often (although not always) better for sensitive skin and may come with fewer potential health side effects. While synthetic chemicals can be effective, synthetic ingredients also often come with ancillary side effects because manufacturers simply can’t test for every skin condition or type. Natural and non-toxic ingredients are a much better bet for many

Ultimately, the recent increase in interest for natural skincare products is a great thing for the planet and your skin. Companies like Suki Skincare exclusively create their personal care products with natural ingredients and can provide a wide variety of skincare solutions for all skin types as a result.

What Are Some Benefits?

Natural skincare product ingredients can provide a plethora of benefits to your skin and your full routine.

They’re Quite Potent

A myth about natural ingredients is that they somehow aren’t as effective as skincare products they use synthetic chemicals. This is simply not true. In fact, many of Suki Skincare’s ingredients are specifically chosen because they pack a particular punch. In other words, you aren’t sacrificing any efficacy by using top-tier natural ingredient-based skincare products.

For instance, hyaluronic acid can be sourced from natural stuff like sugar, salt, and yeast and can act as an incredibly powerful moisturizer. This is easily absorbed by the skin and is a much better choice than any chemical alternative.

They Have Fewer Side Effects

As mentioned, natural ingredients, so long as you aren’t allergic to the ingredients themselves (this is why it’s important to read the label on the back of any product), don’t come with as many potential allergic reactions as synthetic ingredients do.

For instance, many conventionally manufactured beauty and health products use compounds called parabens as preservatives. While the name sounds harmless enough, parabens are synthetic compounds that can mimic the natural hormones of your body. These aren’t safe, full stop, and furthermore, they’re known to be bad for the environment because they take a long time to dissolve safely.

They’re Great for the Environment

Again, natural ingredients are a much better choice if you’re at all concerned about the planet. The ingredients contained within natural-based skincare products can be more easily absorbed by the environment when you throw away the bottle or when some of the product goes down your shower or sink drain. 

This may not seem like much of a benefit at first. But everyone will benefit from a healthier planet and environmentally-friendly lifestyles.

Natural Ingredients Are Better for Sensitive Skin

Those folks with sensitive skin and breakouts, specifically, will often want to check out natural ingredient-based skincare products. That’s purely because natural ingredients are often gentler and produce less of an automatic drying effect compared to many synthetic ingredients.

Take Suki Skincare’s approach to exfoliation, for instance. With their physical exfoliation products, they sugar – a natural ingredient if ever there was one – to physically remove dead skin cells and dirt and debris from your skin’s pores. However, sugar is a much better choice than other types of exfoliating crystals. This is because sugar has a softer shape and will more easily dissolve as it’s mixed with water.

This above example is a perfect way to prove that many natural ingredients are better alternatives if you don’t like your skin to feel raw or overly dry.

Can Synthetic Ingredients Also Work?

They sure can! But where synthetic products were once the only kind you could find easily at the store, there are now plenty of natural ingredient-based skincare products, both from online vendors like Suki Skincare and from other brick-and-mortar locations.

Because natural ingredients provide so many benefits and are a better long-term choice for both the planet and your skin, there’s no reason not to look into natural skincare products overall. Why would you go with something synthetic and possibly harmful when you have a safer and gentler alternative right at your fingertips?

Are Natural Ingredients Better for Certain Skin Types?

Absolutely. Aside from being great for sensitive skin overall, natural ingredients can also be more effective for dry skin because of moisturization aspects.

For instance, many common moisturizers like aloe vera and hyaluronic acid are only found within natural based products (though they are sometimes mixed with other synthetic chemicals). These compounds are extremely easily absorbed by the skin, making them quite effective moisturizing compounds.

Furthermore, natural products can also be better if you have excessively oily skin. This is because natural ingredients will less frequently irritate your skin. In turn, this causes your skin to produce less sebum, which is a waxy and oily substance that sometimes clogs your pores and causes acne or other irritation.

Ultimately, no skin type wouldn’t benefit from switching to natural ingredient-based skincare products.

Natural Ingredient Examples

Here are some of the best natural ingredients you should keep an eye out for. Many of Suki Skincare’s products have these in spades:

  • Collagen – this ingredient is actually a compound naturally produced by the body to help your skin cells repair themselves and reproduce healthily
  • Arbutin – this ingredient is sourced from bearberry leaves and can help your skin become a little lighter or reduce discoloration and hyperpigmentation. It also has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties
  • Glycolic acid – this ingredient is frequently used in exfoliating products. It’s a potent alpha hydroxy accident and can get rid of keratinocytes, or dead skin cells, from the top layer of your skin 
  • Hyaluronic acid – this effective moisturizer can attract and retain water within your skin. In fact, it can hold up to 1000 times its own weight in water, resulting in smooth and supple skin whenever you use a product containing this acid!
  • Organic rose concentrate – this greeting is sourced from only organic rose petals and contains several antioxidants and other vitamins for better skin nutrition and overall health
  • Retinol – this common anti-aging element can be botanically sourced from moth bean instead of being synthetically produced. This can increase collagen production within the skin and protect your skin from ultraviolet and free radical molecular damage.
  • Shea butter – this nut-sourced ingredient can improve collagen production as well, but more importantly, it can soothe and nourish your skin to prevent dryness, cracking, chafing, and other types of irritation. It’s also extremely hydrating.
  • Colloidal oat – this ingredient is sourced from types of oats and can soothe your skin while providing cleansing and moisturizing effects at the same time.

There are even more fantastic natural ingredients like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and coconut oil that you can find in some of the best natural beauty products.


All in all, natural ingredients are generally better for your skin unless you are especially allergic to one of the compounds above or another. They’re great regardless of your skin type and provide ancillary benefits, like a reduced risk for side effects. They also promote environmental responsibility. We’d heavily recommend you always try to use natural ingredients for your skincare products whenever possible.


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