It’s Time for a Beautiful Menopausal Complexion!

By Lorraine Miano

Suki Skincare values education and we often research and source those who specialize in specific skincare topics. We feel it is important to feature these specialists to help educate us as well as our customers. This week we are featuring Menopause expert, Lorraine Miano.

As a certified Integrative health and hormone coach, author of the best-selling book, “The Magic of Menopause: A Holistic Guide To Get Your Happy Back” as well as a menopause and women’s health blogger @, I am passionate about guiding women through their menopause journeys. I offer menopause advocacy, support, resources, and a whole lotta love to women as they navigate their perimenopause through post-menopause phases of life and help them Get Their Happy Back! You can find me on Facebook @ Making Menopause Magical and Instagram @themagicofmenopause as well.

Along with many of the common symptoms of hormone imbalance during the peri to post-menopause years, many women may discover changes in their skin. This is mainly due to fluctuating hormones, and estrogen in particular. Menopause is not a disease or illness, it is a natural phase of a woman’s reproductive cycle. Some even call it “reverse puberty”. As ovarian function declines with age, periods become irregular and eventually stop altogether. This leads to lower levels of estrogen and progesterone production by the ovaries. 

The hormone estrogen plays a large part in the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, all of which contribute to the skin’s retention of moisture and elasticity. Be aware that certain lifestyle habits, such as what you eat, and smoking could contribute to the health of our skin as well. You’ll want to eat a well-balanced whole food diet and skip all of the processed sugars and junk food. Refined and processed sugars can cause inflammation and damage collagen.

Women may notice some sagging and a loss of plumpness due to decreased collagen production. Taking a good collagen supplement or drinking a quality bone broth may help with this, as well as incorporating a daily facial massage. Massaging your face with a good moisturizer and/or facial oil will help stimulate collagen production. Other foods to incorporate for healthy skin and a boost to collagen production include leafy greens, berries, egg whites, cashews, garlic, chicken, and fish. You can’t go wrong with foods high in vitamins and minerals!

The skin may also become flaky and dry during this natural phase of a woman’s reproductive years. Be sure to cleanse daily with a gentle, non-foaming cleanser and moisturize daily. Look for products that are non-irritating, non-endocrine disrupting, and free of toxins. I’ll share a new favorite of mine below!

Our skin is our largest organ and will absorb whatever we put on it. Unfortunately many skincare and beauty products on the market contain endocrine-disrupting (and worse!) ingredients, which can affect our hormone balance and the symptoms we may experience (including hot flashes…Yikes!). So, as a health and hormone coach I make it my mission to curate the safest, greenest, and most effective products for my “Magical Ladies”. 

Recently I was introduced to a newly launched skincare product created specifically for menopausal women and have been using it AND LOVING IT daily. I’ve noticed a new glow and hydration, as well as a decrease in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A big win-win for this 63-year-old post-menopausal woman! My skin has never felt or looked better! (see photo!)

 So, just what is this Magical potion? Suki Era is a Peri/Menopausal natural skincare developed to address the unmet needs of a powerful - yet invisible - group of women aged 45+.

The Best is Next to Come

Women globally are feeling themselves. They advocate. They work. They love. They juggle. They support. They literally do it all. Their bodies are powerful, their minds are even stronger. They are simply superheroes – at every stage of their lives. But when peri/menopause hits there is silence, shame, and secrecy. Only now are we witness to the creation of a midlife reinvention. Women are moving from invisible to invincible! And Suki Skincare is here to encourage, applaud, admire, and to ensure their skincare routine keeps up with their spirit, body, and new lease on life.

No longer do women entering peri/menopause view it as the end – it’s the beginning. A new chapter of curiosity and adventure. The knowledge they have gleaned, paired with their comfort in their own skin allows for women to thoroughly enjoy what lies ahead. It’s go-time with no time to waste with the “what ifs” and the “if only’s.” Menopause is not taboo anymore. Suki Skincare has thoughtfully and meticulously developed a natural skincare collection to keep up with women during this incredible time of their lives. Suki Era serves an underdeveloped – and important – group of women.

The Suki Skincare Solution

The highly-acclaimed brand of 100% clean, 100% effective, synthetic-free, clinically-proven, scientifically advanced skincare solutions keeps innovating. Suki Era is already considered serious skincare for menopause. The clinical trials have revealed jaw-dropping results: 91% said they saw an overall improvement in their skin (includes skin hydration, texture, radiance, evenness, and fine lines/wrinkles) and 91% saw an overall improvement in skin hydration and glow.

  • Reviving Face Cream – a rich, luxurious face cream designed to provide intense hydration and visibly improve elasticity, fine lines, and luminosity in everyone, especially those with mature, dry skin.
  • Reviving Cooling Spray – an innovative facial spray designed to cool, replenish, and provide added moisture to the skin – especially during a hot flash. I use this as a toner.
  • Facial Oil – a potent, active, natural oil that was created to restore dull, dry, and depleted skin while providing added anti-aging benefits.

Suki: Clinically Proven 100% Clean 100% Effective Skincare

Suki believes in the power of science and nature to create skincare that’s powerful, safe, and sustainable. They believe in radical transparency; giving their consumers all the information they need to truly know their beauty. And most importantly the brand believes that our home, this earth, should not pay the price of our innovations and lifestyles. With Suki Skincare you can feel good about the collection on so many levels!

Suki is cruelty-free, vegan, synthetic-free, toxin-free, Leaping Bunny Certified, sulfate-free, paraben-free, Petro-chemical free, contains organic ingredients, natural, pure, clean, and safe for sensitive skin. Who could ask for more?

It is our time my Magical Ladies! The Best is Next to Come!

Remember! Menopause is NOT an ending! It IS a new Beginning!!

Cheers & Love….and beautiful healthy skin! XO






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