How to Get Clear Skin

Clear skin – it’s the dream of every woman when they look in the mirror after waking and before bed. It seems so simple to achieve, yet it’s often far away for many of us. Figuring out how to get clear skin is one of the most consistent struggles that all types of people face. 

Let us help demystify the process and show you how you can clear up your skin sooner rather than later!

What Prevents You From Having Clear Skin? 

We all want clear skin from the moment we start to pay attention to it as young adults. But bright, clear, radiant skin is all too often impeded or prevented because of a few preventable causes or conditions. 

This is actually good news – it means that most people can achieve clear skin if they just adjust their skincare routines or start using new products. 

Two main conditions can stop you from having clear skin. Let’s break each down and go over their solutions.


Acne is one of the most common types of skin conditions that prevent you from having clear pores year-round. Acne is characterized by small pimples or welts that spread over your face or other body parts. Those pimples and welts can fill with pus or blood, and they often become sore and inflamed if they aren’t taken care of.

To make matters worse, we normally associate acne outbreaks with teenage years and hormones: not exactly the look most of us are going for!

What Causes Acne?

Acne can be caused by a number of different issues or factors, including:

  • Genetics – some people are, unfortunately, just a little more likely to get acne than others
  • Environment – if you live in a place with polluted air, extra dirt or debris can work its way into your skin’s pores and cause issues
  • Bad hygiene – if you don’t thoroughly clean your pores daily, you could eventually lead dirt and dead skin cells pile up, clogging the pores and leading to acne formation
  • Hormones – teenagers often get more acne than adults because certain hormonal changes cause excessive skin oil production which, in turn, clogs the pores more easily than they would be otherwise

Regardless of the exact cause, all acne crops up because your pores are filled with oil and dirt, which eventually causes one or more pimples to form. The pimples turn the surrounding tissue red and inflamed. As acne starts, it can quickly spread, particularly if you pop the pimples and don’t wash your face adequately afterward.

How to Address Acne for Clear Skin

The good news? Acne can be addressed in multiple ways, and often just by adopting a great skincare routine. Since acne is caused primarily by your pores being filled with gunk and oil, cleaning out your pores can reduce the appearance of acne. This will leave you with clear, vibrant looking skin that feels young, but without the red spots teenagers have to deal with.

To clear your pores:

  • Adopt a facial skincare routine that includes occasional exfoliation. Exfoliation can remove a layer of dead skin cells and other dirt and debris from your pores. Don’t exfoliate too frequently, though, or you’ll accidentally remove new skin cells and leave your skin feeling raw and inflamed.
  • Use a deep-cleansing pore scrub or toner, like Suki Skincare’s Concentrated Clarifying Toner. These products can dig deep into your pores and clear away dirt and debris that a regular facial cleanser misses.
  • Be sure to hydrate your skin after a thorough skincare routine. Hydrating prevents your skin from making too much oil to compensate and keep what water remains in your pores. Too much oil can start the cycle all over again and create more acne than you had before.

Be sure to clean your face twice a day at a minimum with a regular facial cleanser and a moisturizer afterward. This will ultimately go a long way toward making your face look and feel great overall, not just help you tackle acne over the long term.


Blemishes, which can also be known as hyperpigmentation, are characterized by uneven skin tone patches across your face. In most cases, darker patches of skin are caused when certain skin cells produce too much melanin: the body’s natural pigment that determines the color of your skin and hair.

You need some melanin for regular health, of course. But too much melanin can make your skin seem patchy or uneven in color or tone, and prevent you from achieving perfectly clear skin.

What Causes Hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation can be caused by:

  • Genetics – as with acne, some people are just more likely to get hyperpigmentation than others
  • Sun exposure – if you don’t use an appropriate amount of sunscreen, you might accidentally cause spots to appear on your skin as the cells are damaged from radiation
  • Burns – if your skin is burned, skin cells can also be damaged, which can cause hyperpigmentation
  • Aging – as we get older, our skin cells naturally become a little less capable of producing the right amount of melanin or regenerating correctly. Sometimes, older skin just accrues aging spots or blemishes more frequently because of these mild errors that compound over time 

But just because hyperpigmentation is a normal condition doesn’t mean you can’t address it with a great skincare routine and a few key products.

How to Address Hyperpigmentation for Clear Skin

In some cases, hyperpigmentation can be addressed by cleaning out your pores or providing your skin cells with the vitamins and nutrients they need to balance melanin production. Here are a few examples: 

  • Suki Skincare’s Enzyme Peel is specifically designed to smooth complexion, reduce dullness and rejuvenate skin tone. It does this by clearing pores and lifting away layers of dead skin cells.
  • It may also be that your face has a bunch of blemishes because your skin’s oil levels aren’t very well-balanced. In this case, Suki Skincare’s Balancing Facial Oil can go a long way toward balancing and cleaning your pores and promoting general clarity. It can reduce all kinds of blemishes and balance sebum production across your skin
  • For an even deeper cleaning job, Suki Skincare’s Transformative Purifying Mask is a perfect fix. It can draw out impurities in your pores and reduce the appearance of redness, irritation, or other blemishes that might currently be preventing you from enjoying clear, radiant skin. It can also balance sebum production and pH levels on your skin!

Most of these products have a few things in common, the most important of which are extra vitamins and nutrients to nourish your skin with the ingredients it needs to glow!

Other Skin Conditions

Although the above two conditions are normally what cause skin issues, there are plenty of other, less common skin conditions that can prevent you from enjoying clear skin. These include:

  • Eczema, or other forms of dermatitis. It’s essentially skin irritation and inflammation to certain allergens or native conditions. Eczema isn’t treatable, but the symptoms can be managed or eased with the assistance of a doctor and gentle skincare routines.
  • Fungal infections. These are pretty serious, but they can normally be cleared up with anti-yeast ointments and creams that can be prescribed by your doctor.
  • Sunburns. If you spend too much time in the sun, you can easily irritate your skin or damage the cells of your pores. This, in turn, can cause blemishes and ruin your otherwise clear skin.

The best way to achieve clear skin with any of these or any other skin conditions is the same as with acne or hyperpigmentation: a great skincare routine and regular cleansing, with a little help from a brightening serum.

At its core, your skin is a living organ that requires maintenance to look and operate at its best. This involves following a thorough skincare routine that appropriately cleanses, moisturizes, revitalizes, and soothes your skin daily. You’ll also want to regularly exfoliate to make sure dead skin cells don’t pile up over time.

As a bonus, exfoliation can bring younger and healthier skin cells to the surface. These cells will more often be clear and bright, helping you enjoy clear skin even faster.

When a skincare routine is followed to the letter, clear skin is never too far away. The key is consistency and the right products – use Suki Skincare serums, toners, and creams to make sure that you're only ever using the best stuff for your skin.


In the end, the best way to get clear skin is to take care of it. 

That sounds simple, but it does involve dedication and a little bit of research. 

We have plenty of materials and guides right on this site to help you find the perfect skincare products and serums for your use. Join the Suki Tribe today and check out our skincare blog to help get your skin to that beautiful, clear glow it deserves!


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