What Are the Benefits of an Enzyme Peel?

Enzyme peels are just one of multiple ways to exfoliate your skin and clear up your pores so that new skin cells can take the place of old ones. But most people use physical exfoliating products to do the job. 

We think more folks should try out enzyme peels, as these products are gentle, effective, and even come with special benefits that no other exfoliating tool can provide.

Let’s break down the benefits of enzyme peels so you know what we’re talking about. 

What Are Enzyme Peels? 

Enzyme peels are skincare products that use enzymes – as the name suggests – to exfoliate your skin and remove impurities that might dig into your pores after a long week. As opposed to harsher chemical peels and physical exfoliation tools, enzyme peels gently and progressively clears pores and lifts away layers of dead skin cells and other toxic build up. 

They’re exceptionally potent even though they aren’t as harsh on the skin. Because they operate a little differently from other exfoliation products, enzyme peels are great choices for those with sensitive skin or people who have skin conditions that make using traditional exfoliating tools a bad idea.

How Do Enzyme Peels Work?

In a nutshell, enzyme peels contain a blend of various fruit enzymes and organic components that work together to digest dead skin cells and get rid of certain impurities in your skin. The primary ingredients in any enzyme peel are a collection of fruit enzymes. These are usually taken from fruits like:

  • Grapefruit
  • Pineapples
  • Pomegranates
  • Papaya
  • Pumpkins
  • and many more!

Many enzyme peels are formulated so that the different enzymes contained in the fruit juices and seeds all work in conjunction with one another. As the peel is placed on your skin, the enzymes seep into your pores and work to essentially naturally resurface the skin. At the same time, some enzyme peels can provide the lower layers of your skin with vitamins and nutrients.

As a result, various enzyme peels can help your skin look and feel a lot younger and healthier, plus help your skin jumpstart collagen production and first and strengthen elasticity. 

Benefits of Enzyme Peels

Exfoliation is a super important part of any holistic skincare routine. That’s because it’s all too easy for dead skin cells to pile up over time, clogging your pores and allowing toxins and dirt to build up over time. When you exfoliate, you remove those dead skin cells and bring new, younger, and healthier skin cells to the forefront.

The result? Healthier and softer skin that appears truly radiant to both you and everyone else!

The biggest benefit of enzyme peels is that they allow you to exfoliate without the typical discomfort and potential side effects that many other types of exfoliation tools or products risk for those with sensitive skin. Again, since enzyme peels work to lift layers of dead skin cells and certain types of toxins and oils, you won’t need to physically scrape away skin cells or irritate your skin by scrubbing with abrasive ingredients.

In fact, enzyme peels don’t cause any damage to live tissue. When using these peels, you won’t damage any living skin cells, and so your skin shouldn’t feel raw or uncomfortable when you remove the peel or it disintegrates.

As a result, even those with sensitive skin can use enzyme peels to great effect!

However, there are additional benefits that enzyme peels bring to the table:

  • Immediate results – Since enzyme peels are exceptionally gentle, your skin shouldn’t feel raw or irritated when you remove the peel or your exfoliation session is complete. You should see glowing and supple skin as soon as the peel is removed, allowing you to use an enzyme peel shortly before a public event or party without any residual marks or redness. 
  • No downtime – Since enzyme peels don’t overly irritate the skin or come with harsh side effects, you can easily incorporate them into a holistic skincare regimen. This also means you can use enzyme peels for more consistent exfoliation compared to harsher methods that may have a limit of once per week or so. 
  • Better texture and tone for your skin – Many enzyme peels use fruit enzymes that can loosen up dull skin. This, in turn, will help your skin look and feel a lot softer and younger.
  • Great for pregnant or breast-feeding women – Chemical exfoliation peels shouldn’t be used by women who are pregnant or who are breast-feeding since those harsh chemicals can easily be absorbed into the skin and can potentially cause harm to you or your baby. But fruit peel enzymes don’t have harsh chemicals or side effects, so pregnant women or breast-feeding women can use these peels without worry. 

With an innovative blend of all-natural ingredients, Suki Skincare’s Resurfacing Enzyme Peel brings all these benefits and then some, including:

  • Jumpstart collagen production for your skin, which can firm and strengthen your skin's elasticity
  • Smooth your complexion and rejuvenate your skin tone
  • Gracefully and gently exfoliate your skin
  • Clear your pores and remove toxins that build up over time

Enzyme Peel Disadvantages

All this being said, enzyme peels are not perfect and they do have a few downsides compared to other exfoliation methods.

  • Enzyme peels don’t last as long as chemical peels, and even some types of physical exfoliation. Since they are gentle products, they don’t remove as many dead skin cells and don’t penetrate as deeply into your pores as, say, chemical peels. This means you’ll have to use an enzyme peel more often to get similar results.
  • They’re also quite temperature limited. Enzyme peels are only effective if they are used at room temperature. This means you need to store enzyme peels carefully and not let them become too hot or cold. Otherwise, you risk compromising the integrity of the formula. 

Enzyme Peels vs. Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are another effective exfoliation alternative that tons of people use frequently. But chemical peels are more intense and aggressive products. In short, chemical peels are infused with a mixture of harsh chemicals that are absorbed into the skin. These acids and other ingredients forcefully exfoliate dead skin cells, and sometimes even remove the uppermost layer of living skin cells.

The result? Chemical peels are particularly effective at getting rid of dirt and toxins deep in your pores and for getting rid of tons of dead skin cells that may have built up over time.

But the downside is that these chemicals can all too easily be absorbed by your body, and they may exacerbate overly dry or oily skin conditions. As a result, many chemical peels can (usually) only be applied by aestheticians or physicians, whereas enzyme peels can almost always be applied at home.

Furthermore, chemical peels can’t be used as frequently as enzyme peels since they affect your skin so much more intensely. This isn’t to say that chemical peels are harmful – it’s just that they require more careful use and should only be utilized by certain people with the appropriate skin type.

Are Enzyme Peels Worthwhile? 

Absolutely! While they’re a great exfoliation technique choice for all people, they’re a particularly good pick for those with certain skin types.

For example, those with easily irritated or sensitive skin should investigate enzyme peels since these tools are so gentle and overall comfortable to use. Since they don’t remove any live tissue, you shouldn’t feel more than a light tingling sensation when you apply an enzyme peel.

Furthermore, pregnant or breast-feeding women can use enzyme peels to keep their skin looking as radiant and youthful as ever even before birth or while taking care of a little one. Most top-tier enzyme peels are made with all-natural ingredients, so they don’t have any nasty side effects.

Lastly, those who appreciate daily exfoliation routines for the freshness and youthful vigor it brings to their skin should use enzyme peels more than any other exfoliation method.


The benefits of enzyme peels are wide-ranging and accessible to people of any skin type, unlike other exfoliation products and techniques. We think everyone should try an enzyme peel at least once, especially if you have a skin condition or can’t stand other types of exfoliation, but still want the benefits of the practice.

We’re confident our Resurfacing Enzyme Peel can work wonders for your skin. Let us know if we can help you on your journey to radiant, beautiful skin!





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