hardcore clarity set


Hardcore clarity set includes: transformative purifying masque,  purifying acne serum™ & FREE resurfacing enzyme peel.

Reduces the appearance of cystic, chronic & hormonal acne. Reduces the appearance of inflammation, irritation & redness. Soothes, balances, exfoliates, refines pores & detoxifies skin.

SALICYLIC ACID from white willow bark - transformative purifying masque, purifying face serum, resurfacing enzyme peel

  • powerful anti‐inflammatory
  • targets the underlying causes of chronically problematic skin
  • reduces the appearance of blemishing of all kinds ‐cystic, white & blackheads
  • purifies & exfoliates
  • reduces overly active skin challenges

ENZYMATIC PURIFYING COMPLEX™ - resurfacing enzyme peel

  • powerful pore purifier & healthy‐ager, glycolic acid 
  • contains high‐potency extracts: papain, apple & pumpkin
  • penetrates pores to purify skin & address chronic & blemishing of all kinds.
  • reduces appearance of scars

KAOLIN - transformative purifying masque

  • detoxifies skin by drawing out toxins & impurities 
  • lightly exfoliates 
  • leaves skin clarified, never dry or dehydrated

BLEMISH BUSTING COMPLEX™ - purifying face serum

  • combines powerful antibacterial botanical extracts: echinacea, goldenseal & zinc 
  • balances bacteria, sebum, pH & overly active complexion