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our ingredients advanced science


suki® innovation lab™ utilizes the latest clinically-proven actives from natural resources instead of conventional synthetics that
cause topical damage & long term disease. our unique extration techniques enable us to formulate with ingredients in their
most potent form & in the highest percentages possible, targeting specific skin issues at a faster, safer rate.

  apple (malus frosts) enzymes fruit speeds cell turnover, pore minimizer
  copper polypeptide protein complex (copper complex) natural mineral enhances vitamin c absorption,
  cranberry glycolic (vaccinium macrocarpon fruit) acid cranberry fruit potent antioxidant, strong
  gluconolactone a polyhydroxy acid chelating ingredient that scavenges free
radicals, protects from uv damage
  green tea (camellia sinensis)
leaves high potency antioxidant
  hyaluronic acid a natural carbohydrate
polymer that makes up
part of the human body
& plants
humectant, draws moisture to skin,
protects, repairs & coats cells
  licorice root (glycyrrhiza glabra)
root evens discoloration, anti-inflammatory,
  linoleic acid omega-6 fatty acid strengthens & nourishes
  mushroom shiitake & songyi
refined from specific
being studied for cancer-preventing
& fighting properties, fortifies &
  pumpkin (cucurbita pepo
bioferment) enzymes
gourd speeds cell turnover, repair properties,
contains vitamin c
  resveratrol 85% polyphenols
(polygonum cuspidatum root
white grapeseed powerful antioxidant, anti-aging,
protects against effects of oxidative
  retinol liposome (liposmes) veg
source natural
vitamin a speeds cell turnover, reduces lines,
clears pores, exfoliates
  vitamin c glucoside (ascorbic
acid glucoside) time-release
vegetable brightens, anti-wrinkle, collagen
stimulator, antioxidant
  vitamin e (tocopherol) 100%
natural non-gmo
soy antioxidant moisturer
  salicylic acid standardized for
15% potency from white willow
(salix alba) - standardized
refined leaves, natural
source of salicylic acid
speeds cell turnover, powerful
  yeast collagen extract
(saccharamyces lysate) - active
vegetable sourced cellular antioxidation, promotes collagen production, anti-wrinkle, puffiness
  zinc oxide zinc antibacterial, treats acne & inflammation