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at suki®, we have always been the leader in natural - honest, transparent & committed to integrity & ethical manufacturing practices. we insist on low-impact manufacturing & packaging processes & sustainable sourcing to honor the environment.


our products are appropriate for even the most sensitive skin
types; tested safe for pregnant women, nursing moms & babies.

suki® is the first synthetic-free cosmeceutical product line whose
visible results are proven in consumer clinical trials.

our original formulas are created by Suki Kramer, made, poured,
labeled & shipped from our facility in western Massachusetts to
ensure fresh products. there is virtually no carbon output from
our processing.

packaging & shipping
we use as little plastic as possible, using glass instead, which
helps preserve & maintain the integrity of the herbal content.
we buy only organic cornstarch packing peanuts & use
unbleached newsprint papers. our printers & suppliers support
environmental initiatives including forest stewardship council
certification & wind power energy. our inks are clean,
biodegradable & vegetable-based.

safe for sensitive skin™
we promise to use only 100% pure ingredients

  • no allergens
  • no parabens
  • no phthalates
  • no petrochemicals
  • no synthetic fragrances/dyes
  • no sulfates
  • no cruelty

we source fair trade, organic & local whenever possible, always
minimizing our carbon footprint & supporting sustainability. all
our ingredients are completely cruelty-free. many suki® products
are vegan. the sole animal ingredient - 100% organic beeswax,
sourced from farms that do not harm bees or burn hives.

suki supported charites
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