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is suki® skincare available in Sprouts anymore?

we are no longer selling products to Sprouts. please reference our store locator at the bottom of the page for other available suki® retailers closest to you!


does suki® have an auto-reship program?


enjoy the convenience of having your suki® essentials delivered direct to your door when it suits you best! you set delivery (for 30 or 60 days) & you never run out of your must-haves! sign up for our complimentary replenishment service & receive the following added benefits no one else gets:

  • 10% off replenishment orders
  • your items reserved & in stock when you need them
  • free shipping
  • convenient billing to your credit card & easily amend frequency of order & pay method
  • no pressure, cancel anytime!!

sign up today!

how do I cancel my suki® replenishment service?

we're sorry to hear that you wish to cancel your suki® replenishment service! we'd be happy to modify your time intervals if you're receiving products too frequently. if you need to alter payment method or address, simply contact customer service (customerservice@sukiskincare.com) to modify. if at any time you'd like to cancel the suki® replenishment service, please e-mail customer service (customerservice@sukiskincare.com) within 15 days of your last order to stop any future replenishments from being shipped. customer service will confirm your cancellation within 48 hours. unfortunately, we are unable to cancel pending orders.

what are the best products for my skin?

we have a great way for you to get your personalized suki® regimen. just click on this link & answer a few short questions on our prescription quiz to find the best products suited for your skin's needs. purchase the full prescription & receive 25% off!

do you ship to Canada?

yes, we do! we offer free shipping to Canada for all orders $200 USD & over, which includes all taxes, duties & fees. we also have many retail locations in Canada - make sure to check our store locator for retail locations near you! 

do you have sunscreen?

we first recommend using uv protective clothing to shield yourself from the sun – a great brand is solumbra. please use caution when using sunscreens.


the issue is far more complex than the simple directive of “always slather on the sunscreen.” all sunscreen ingredients besides the oxides (zinc & titanium) are chemical screens. they change the way your skin produces melanin, cause long term cancers other than those of the skin & also cause skin cancer cells to develop more easily. we recommend getting at least ten minutes of screen-free sun per day except for between 11am to 2pm. vitamin d deficiency diseases are running rampant in our culture so we truly need the sun’s rays for our good health. we also recommend taking whole food multivitamins with vitamin d3 (the natural form) & eating foods high in this vitamin (not dairy, but things like mushrooms, wild salmon, tuna, sardines & eggs). keep in mind that these foods can never replace the vitamin d that the sun provides. we also highly suggest screening for this vitamin on your next checkup. being deficient in vitamin d is no day at the beach. if you must wear a sunscreen, as is the case when at the beach for extended periods of time, use 100% natural bases with only the oxides used as sunscreen agents.


the sukicolor® tinted active moisturizer has a natural broad-spectrum sunscreen equivalent to spf 15. additionally, our tinted active moisturizers use adequate percentages of stable, high potency vitamin c, shea butter & white willow bark salicins at 15% that help prevent sun damage, repair sun spots & decrease the likelihood of sunburn.

do you have makeup remover?

yes! remove eye makeup by using our balancing or nourishing facial oil, depending on your skin type. put a few drops onto a 100% organic cotton ball & follow with your normal cleansing, toning & moisturizing routine. remember most commercial makeup removers are made of synthetic chemicals, water, fragrance & preservatives. why bother? use something nourishing, healthful & effective. for heavy face makeup follow with a mist of toner on an organic cotton ball. follow as above.

what is the shelf life of your products?

our products last for two years after purchase unopened & one year after opening.

are your products gluten & soy free?

yes! all suki® products are gluten & soy free!

I have noticed products like toner, nourishing day cream, eye lift renewal cream & the facial lift ultimate firming cream sometimes vary in color. why?

we use botanicals in high percentages & due to natural crop variation, season & location of harvest, colors can vary. we refuse to use any synthetic dyes, lake or fd & c additives to cover up any color variations within our formulations. our facial lift ultimate firming cream is the most nutrient packed cream we make, therefore it is the most densely colored cream.

do you use nanotechnology?

no. all of our ingredient particles are over one micron, which means that they will not be able to pass into the bloodstream. our products are pure & safe yet results driven. want to know more about nanotechnology in your personal care products & why suki® does not use it? click here to check out this article from the Environmental Working Group!

are your products certified organic?

all suki® products are 100% natural & free of any synthetic ingredients, parabens, lake, fd & c or coal tar colors, preservatives, genetically modified organisms, & nano-particles.


we are certification-free. every month it seems, new associations are born that offer their organic certification logo for display on packaging for a fee. each logo differs in the percentage of organic content &, more importantly, the amount of allowable synthetics in their “acceptable” list. as companies that wish to call themselves “natural” hunt for a certification body that will help them market their products, logos appear more frequently, & as a result, more & more emphasis is being placed on certification.


the trouble with the multitudes of seals is that they lull consumers into a false sense of safety, making them feel as if they don't have to read labels! consider the fact that skin care companies & big conglomerates created tailor-made certifications knowing that newly conscientious consumers have learned to look for seals... “hey it’s got that organic / natural seal – it must be safe!” but does anyone really know what that seal stands for?


recently an executive at suki® learned an interesting lesson about organic certification while researching her favorite brand of organic baby carrots. she found that although the label did not state it, the carrots she was eating had been sprayed with chlorine. upon confronting the carrot company about the chlorine, they replied, "this is the allowable tolerance for chlorine permitted by the USDA in order to be able to make label claims. same as in your drinking water."


it is our right & responsibility as consumers to read, question, & make informed choices about the products we put on & in our bodies. our direction to you – read labels.

can I use suki® while pregnant?

yes. all of our products are completely safe for pregnant women, nursing moms & babies! even though our products are clinically-proven, effective & results driven, they are formulated from synthetic-free ingredients.

how often should I use the serums? can they be mixed together?

for maximum benefits, serums should be applied both morning & night while skin is still moist from toning, but before moisturizing. it is perfectly safe to use more than one serum at a time; simply use two drops of each, mix together & apply to the face & décolleté. apply your favorite suki® moisturizer while your skin is still moist from the serum. our serums are not moisturizers, rather, they are optimal delivery systems for high potency cosmeceuticals.

I just started using suki® & now I am breaking out. is this normal?

yes. it is perfectly normal to go through a temporary detox, transitional period when switching over to a 100% synthetic-free skincare. this necessary detoxification period will deeply cleanse your skin & eliminate toxins from synthetic filled medications or other skincare regimens. this period is important because it will bring milia to the surface & eliminate them from the skin instead of creating long term bumps that will never go away. the transitional period can last a month or longer & varies depending on how long you were on a synthetic regimen. if it does last longer you may be using incorrect products or the regimen in the wrong way. talk to us! we are here to help you find the best product regimen for you.

how often should I exfoliate?

you should decide how often to exfoliate based on your skin type. if you have very sensitive, thin skin you should only exfoliate two to three times a week. if your skin is not sensitive than you can exfoliate up to once per day. we always encourage using your intuition with skin & body care. exfoliate more or less depending on what feels good to you & makes you look great! if you have cystic blemishing or redness we do not recommend the exfoliate foaming cleanser as it may irritate the skin. for cystic blemishing we suggest exfoliating with the resurfacing enzyme peel once or twice a week. if you have redness/irritation or hyper-pigmentation with oily tendencies use the peel once a week. do not exfoliate if you have redness and irritation with dry tendencies.

why did my exfoliate foaming cleanser & exfoliate foaming body cleanser dry out?

if you do not screw the lid to the exfoliate foaming cleanser or the exfoliate foaming body cleanser jar back on tightly after each use there is a possibility that it will dry out over time. to loosen a hard cleanser moisten by adding a few drops of purified water & mix throughly with a sanitized utensil.

can I use the exfoliate foaming cleanser on my lips?

yes, yes, yes! it’s a fabulous lip scrub & can be used daily for the softest lips in town! follow with our 4-swipe™ formula lip care - in fact, buy them together in our 2-step ultra-soft lip kit!

do you give free samples?

FREE SAMPLES! for every $50 spent, you get a free suki sample based on skin type & availability (maximum 3 per order). your samples will be automatically added to your order.

to order samples on their own, choose from:
10 samples for $9.95
20 samples for $19.95

custom sample size assortment must be ordered through customer service at 888-858-7854 or customerservice@sukiskincare.com.

why do the toners appear cloudy & often contain sediment?

at the heart of our products is the suki® high potency rose concentrate™. this nutrient-filled, organic base is unmatched in the industry & is created by thoroughly & slowly boiling down large quantities of whole organic rose petals, then triple filtering them to ensure that they sustain their distinctive quality & essential properties. the rose petal sediment & cloudy appearance of our toners is the result of our high potency concentrate™.



why use sugar as an exfoliant instead of salt?

we use sugar instead of salt or pits because sugar provides a very effective & customizable exfoliation process, with a reduced risk of tearing into the upper derma & causing irritation. pure sugar crystals are hexagonally shaped with less extreme angles versus the square, sharp edges of salt that cut into the skin. sugar’s lower molecular bonds allow granules to slowly dissolve, becoming smaller, smoother, & gentler while using! the healthy layers of skin become exposed, but not in an unhealthy, over-exposed way. in contrast, salt converts directly from hard, sharp crystals into saline with no transitional stage to reduce the harsh action. melted sugar changes to AHA, further loosening the bonds of toxins & dead skin cells for safe & effective deep cleansing. suki rounding sugar: at suki® we have very specific standards to ensure consistent & effective exfoliation every time. crystal size (surface area) & mineral impurities found in many sugars, brown & unrefined, alter the melting temperature, creating inconsistent results – we use only fine sugar crystals for the face & larger crystals for the body, to assure consistent application & result every time. because of the consistent crystalline change to smooth, we refer to our sugar as rounded.