One humble guys perspective – a road map

previous to my role at suki, I had very little experience with skincare of any kind, let alone specialty clean and pure skincare. when I first joined the team our staff esthetician, Denise, gave me a regimen to follow that addressed my oily t-zone, dry chin & cheeks & helped control my breakouts. I have come to rely on my suki products to keep my skin in top condition.  here are my top tips for the men out there that want to care about caring for their skin but don’t know where to begin.

step 1: find a good cleanser

any skincare regimen worth its weight will start with a cleanser. cleansers are your basic face wash and should be used daily (as long as they are non-abrasive). the suki purifying foaming cleanser is a great start to any skincare regimen. the purifying foaming cleanser also works as a fantastic shave gel. it has soothing properties and helps to glide your choice of shaving device over your skin.

step 2: moisturize, anyone touching your face will thank you.

one of my closest friends works in a machine shop that is incredibly dry year-round. his beard and face get so dry his skin flakes off and becomes extremely soar. after speaking with our in-house esthetician, she recommended applying liberal amounts of our balancing day lotion before work and before bed. he saw results almost immediately. personally, I love how the balancing day lotion keeps my skin feeling soft and clean no matter how harsh the air conditions.

step 3: beard maintenance

I am a regular user of beard oil and have been for years. when I was first introduced to the suki balancing facial oil, I immediately wanted to try it out as beard oil. I loved the consistency and how it would absorb into my skin without leaving an oily feeling. it also has a different (but fantastic) smell than most beard oils have. it keeps my beard soft and shiny without leaving heavy oily residue. I am constantly letting my friends with beards try it and they cannot get enough. there are few things worse than a scratchy beard.

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