Milky Miracle Masque

transformative purifying masque

beauty rituals & masques have been around for centuries. the first masques were deeply rooted in the natural & holistic approach to beauty & skin.

face masques have evolved over the centuries. from the days of Cleopatra applying a dead sea mud mask to cleanse & soothe her skin, to Marie Antionette using egg whites, milk, lemon juice & cognac masques to stay youthful. flawless, radiant, youthful complexion & strong healthy skin has always been the desire.

being able to achieve these skincare goals with one product is priceless.

the suki transformative purifying masque is the perfect answer for all skin types.

this light, milky, translucent, non-drying face masque supports & solves a majority of your skincare needs & concerns. with its luxurious light texture, our transformative purifying masque is a clay masque that is not heavy or overly drying to the skin. it soothes, detoxifies, removes excess sebum, dead skin cells, & reduces the appearance of blemishes. this ideal 3-in-1 acts as a cleanser, spot treatment, & all-over face masque.

much like the masques of old, we use vitamin packed, mineral-rich clays, & 100% pure & natural ingredients from the earth.

kaolin clayis a soft gentle clay that helps to remove impurities, lightly exfoliates, cleanses, & stimulates circulation, all while improving the tone of the skin. Rice powder is an anti-inflammatory that softens & brightens as it soothes the skin.

tea tree oila is great defense to use when combating & preventing acne. In combination with our botanically derived salicylic acid (sourced from white willow bark), these anti-inflammatory & anti-microbial actives keep the skin well balanced & clean.

zinc is especially beneficially for its anti-inflammatory effects & its ability to support & encourage the production of collagen fibers & elastin. this reduces the appearance of wrinkles & other signs of aging.

atlantic kelp softens & hydrates dry skin & is a natural source of vitamins:

  • vitamin A which maintains collagen levels by promoting cell regeneration
  • vitamin B1 reduces cellular inflammation & protects from free radical damage
  • vitamin B2 helps maintain the skin’s acid mantle
  • vitamin C builds protein, reduces free-radical damage & evens pigmentation
  • vitamin D promotes healthy cell maintenance
  • vitamin E is absorbed into the skin quickly & can lead to faster healing times, while it diminishes the appearance of scars.

the suki transformative purifying masque reduces redness, irritations, the appearance of blemishes, by balancing its sebum, pH levels & decongesting & clarifying the skin.

to use as a cleanser:

spread a thin layer of clay masque onto your moistened face & allow to dry for 5 minutes. rinse with warm water & a suki organic face cloth to remove.

to use as a spot treatment:

first cleanse skin the apply a pump of the transformative purifying masque & a pump of the resurfacing enzyme peel & leave overnight. rinse with warm water & a suki organic face cloth.


to use as a masque:

spread a thin layer of clay masque onto your face & allow to dry 10-20 mins or overnight if need be. rinse with warm water & a suki organic face cloth to remove.

please follow up with your suki toner, serum & moisturizer of choice.


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