Badass Women Wednesday: Carol Channing

Tony & Golden Globe award-winner, & Oscar & 4-time Tony nominee Carol Channing died in her home on January 15th at 97.

I wonder how many people remember her…best known to most for her Tony award-winning lead in “Hello, Dolly!” 

“Performing is the only excuse for my existence,” she said during her last Broadway appearance, in the 1995 revival of “Hello, Dolly!” that was at the age of 74 folks…& she kept performing into her 80s.

she was one of the most recognizable performers in her day, with her signature tousled blonde wigs, ultra-long eyelashes accentuating her enormous eyes, raspy, expressive voice & fantastically exaggerated mouth. little known fact: Channing was African-American – & she didn’t even know until she was heading off to college at 16 when her mother told her. yikes.

Channing reminds me that it really is all about what we as individuals are able to embrace, understand / learn about & accept in ourselves, & hopefully, be able to relax & let it out for all the world to see. 

not the easiest of tasks,  but when we see it in others, especially women, we admire it…

link to bio below for more info on this incredible American icon!

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