A Letter from Suki

suki skincare

“i grew up with skin problems that affected my confidence & every aspect of my life. with chronic eczema compounded by extremely sensitive skin, finding a solution i could tolerate & that really worked seemed impossible.

i had tried practically everything, and like so many others, experienced only temporary results with unbearable side effects. 

in 1996, i started formulating in my kitchen to create real skincare solutions: strong enough to treat real challenges, safe (not “gentle”) for even the most sensitive skin…. the inspiration was to create real results for those who share the concern around the real threat that chemicals and synthetics pose in the personal care industry.

after years of collective research around the dynamics of our skin, i collaborated with cosmetic chemists, traditional herbalists, dermatologists & countless others. i am grateful that I realized my vision of 100% synthetic-free, scientifically-advanced, & clinically-proven strong skincare solutions that are safe for people of all skin types. in 2002, suki skincare was incorporated & my goals were enhanced to challenge the beauty industry. it is necessary for all in the industry to be transparent about the chemicals they advocate as well as the unhealthy messages they promote.

i truly want to help every woman own her individual power and feel beautiful & confident. each of us has the ability to see the beauty inside & all around us every day. suki is a life and self-affirming brand with formulas that support the vitality & strength of who you are now & every moment of your life."

& of course... know your beauty®

suki skincare

xo –Suki

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