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VSA's (Volatile Synthetic Actives)

are caustic synthetic versions of the familiar actives we've always used, with the unpleasant peeling, scaling, redness & other side effects we're all familiar with…even those without sensitive skin, & we think, "this must mean the medicine is working," but actives needn't be hostile to work. in fact, studies show these actives often are the actual cause of a vicious cycle of premature aging, acne, eczema & other chronic skin problems. refined, 100% pure, highly advanced actives have hardcore clinicals behind them & produce real results, working FAR more effectively in clinical studies, without the long & short term VSA consequences.



our revolutionarily stabilized, clinically-proven, high-potency "strong, safe, stable" actives, sourced solely from botanicals & uniquely encapsulated in, for instance, a liposome, are highly compatible with the skin, delivering actives throughout the body, attaching to the cells & providing long-lasting results through several layers of the epidermis (skin) without those VSA side effects.

tlc-salicylic-acid.jpg SSS-salicylic acid™ powerful anti-inflammatory for a host of skin issues

tlc-glycolic acid.jpg SSS-glycolic acid™ gently resurfacing, lifting away layers of dead skin

tlc-colloidal-oat.jpg SSS-colloidal oat™ intensive calming & soothing

tlc-retinol-vitamin-a.jpg SSS-retinol vitamin A™ visibly smoothes, purifies, exfoliates

tlc-retinol-vitamin-c.jpg SSS-vitamin C™ fights free radicals, premature aging, serious antioxidant action

tlc-resveratrol.jpg SSS-resveratrol™ fights free radical oxidation, boosts moisture & collagen production



are targeted to solve specific skin conditions. we use only the most potent ingredients, again, solely from botanicals, to work synergistically with our pure bases & SSS's to provide a strong, safe solution for each specific skin problem. we utilize only the most powerful, clinically-proven active ingredients to get our clinical results & our long-term results with no side effects.