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"MY DAUGHTER HAD HEART SURGERY at 3 weeks old & was left with a really nasty scar down the center of her little chest (she's 4) & I use your face oil on it twice a day now for about 3 months. it's flattening out & it's white & she loves the smell. so thanks for making such a great product that doesn't pillage my bank account, that is safe for the use on my kiddo & lastly makes my 30 something year old skin look like that of an 8th grader. I love you."– L.M.
I HAD ECZEMA FOR AS LONG AS I CAN REMEMBER. the older I became the worse my eczema got. my arms & hands were covered in red rashes & scabs. it was extremely painful. I was having a difficult time sleeping & working. eventually, my hands & arms were bleeding daily. not itching was impossible. I tried every otc lotion & cream I could find, & nothing touched it. I continued to live with the pain. one day a friend saw my eczema & suggested that I try suki®. after researching Suki's products online, I was intrigued. the company's philosophy & all natural approach seemed to be the answer I was looking for. I rceived several products & started a twice a day ritual. I began with the exfoliating foaming cleanser, followed by the concentrated clarifying toner & ending with ultra-protect body balm. the results were nothing less than amazing! I immediately saw & felt a difference. after my first use I had significant relief from the itch. after 2-3 days the redness & swelling were noticeably diminished. after the first couple of weeks my eczema was barely noticeable. nothing I had ever tried before even came close to the results I received from Suki's products. if you suffer from any skin problems, you owe it to yourself to try the suki® product line. it's pure, natural & kick ass strong! suki® changed my life!
– J.M.
eczema arm before
eczema arm after
blemishes face before
blemishes face after
I ADORE THESE PRODUCTS…the photo on the left, after one use…I used the scrub, toner & balancing facial oil (3 drops). photo on the right, exactly ONE WEEK LATER. amazing! I never expected results like this & was blown away. my skin was WAY less red, even, all my blemishes had subsided, & my skin was soft & glowing. my regimen / night: purifying foaming cleanser, concentrated clarifying tone & tinted active moisturizer – day: exfoliate foaming cleanser, concentrated clarifying toner, balancing facial oil & alternating transformative purifying mask / resurfacing enzyme peel. they are extremely gentle on my very sensitive skin. I've never found something as effective and gentle as these products - I will be a lifelong fan. (ps. this is in no way sponsored or anything. I really do just love Suki) !
– https://theblushedlily.wordpress.com/2015/09/30/suki-skincare-a-review/
"I AM SO HAPPY THAT I CAME ACROSS YOUR COMPANY! I had very swollen & stubborn breakouts that were only getting more inflamed & painful even when I used other natural product lines. within about two weeks I noticed a major difference in that my skin wasn't as red & the breakouts seemed to have subsided. after about 4-6 weeks of using your products, my skin was so much smoother & I don't have to keep hiding my face behind my hair. you should know that I have tried pretty much everything but nothing is as efficient for my skin as your products have been. your formulations are life-changing & you do great work! always remember that!" – D.B.
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"I RECEIVED TERRIBLE SCARRING on my face & body from a fire. nothing has ever made my skin feel perfect until trying your product! this is the only brand I buy now. it's almost if though my skin gets to experience heaven. keep up the production of such greatness! deeply grateful." –S.M.
IT WASN'T UNTIL I STARTED USING YOUR balancing day lotion that even the discolouration of my skin began to subside. I truly from the bottom of my heart was shocked that it was able to help me so much. you've revived my inner confidence." –D.A.
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"THE PRODUCTS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES! best thing: had a consultation with a dermatologist in June, she asked what I was using to have such radiant & healthy skin. I feel like using suki® products makes me feel great on the inside, just as much as it makes my skin glow on the outside. full thumbs up for your commitment to the environment & social-corporate responsibility!" –D.A.